Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Geography Awareness Week: Clouds and Weather Prediction

This week is Geography Awareness Week!  The powers that be have declared this year's theme to be Geography: The Adventure in Your Community.  In this spirit, I will be blogging about various geographical exercises one can do by themselves, with family, with friends, or with the community!

Meterology can be viewed as a subset of geography.  Yet the most common meteorological phenomenon, clouds, are sadly not understood by many geographers and want-to-be geographers (besides low, dark clouds equals rain).

Fortunately NASA and NOAA have a nice two page chart (PDF) on the various types clouds.  Once you get the types of clouds down Quiet Journey has a quick guide on how to predict the weather by reading the clouds.  Try reading the clouds for a few days and see how good you can be with weather predictions.

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