Sunday, November 20, 2011

Geography Awareness Week 2011: A Very Special Last Word

I was originally planning on writing a post on how one can explore a place through a really detailed map.  However, while writing that post I got to thinking.

My love for geography started out with my mom taking my fingers over a 3D globe and telling me things like "this is where mommy's coffee grows" (Colombia), "this is where Santa lives" (North Pole), and "this is where the kangaroos hop" (Australia).  It was this event, which was repeated several times, which started my interest in the wider world.

I love that incident not just because of the geography though.  Knowing about the world makes one really good at trivia and maybe a related career.  What truly mattered is the love and interest my mother showed for me.  So, for geography in the community, show love for others by teaching them the world but not to teach them trivia, but to spend time with them and show you care.  That is what truly is important in the community and in the world.

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Dina said...

Aww, this is such a lovely picture. Thanks for sharing it.
I hope someday my kids will remember similar things about me. I'm glad to see that they now have homes full of maps and globes for their own kids.