Tuesday, November 08, 2011

European Economy Joke and a Memory

From the National Review

Q: An Irishman, a Portuguese, and a Greek go into a bar and have a round of drinks.  Who pays?
A:  The German.

Meanwhile I am still recovering from flashbacks of a scene from the 2000 game Deus Ex, which takes place in a dystopian 2052, when a character remarks that we [the United States] could really use another Chinese loan. I remember thinking what a crazy world that was in which China would be the capital/credit supplier of the world. Sigh...


Andrew said...

Funny that you should mention that...I very recently replayed Deus Ex (one of the greatest games ever) and was struck by how many parallels are found in our world...you'd think the plot of the game was written last year, not 11 years ago.

Catholicgauze said...

Very true. At the time and especially now the game never felt like a far too distant future. Maybe that's why I hated Deus Ex 2 so much (the sci-fi of it compared to the "today gone bad" world of Deus Ex).