Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Times Atlas versus Reality

The new Times Atlas is coming out soon and has been making news for its recognition of climate change on Earth's geography.  The biggest piece of news was the atlas showing that fifteen percent of Greenland is now "ice free."  When I saw the map I could only think, "wow, I did not realize the changes were happening that fast and to that extent."

Alarmism versus Reality.  Image from the Daily Mail
The only problem is that the charges are not happening that fast nor to that extent, yet.  Scientists at the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge have written an open letter complaining to the atlas' editors about the errors in the maps.  While recognizing the impacts of climate change on Greenland the letter states "Recent satellite images of Greenland make it clear that there are in fact still numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands."

Score one for reasonable scientists who have to combat alarmists in the battle for science!  Also of interest: the institute is part of Cambridge's Geography Department!

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sgenius said...

Wow. What a fluke! Would that be one effort to make the warming crisis look intentionally worse than it already is? Or just a honest mistake?