Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Libya War Maps: The Ninth Post - Propaganda Maps

Libya War Maps: The Eighth Post - More Battle of Tripoli Maps

Propaganda maps reveal stories that the cartographer wants you to think.  I have been looking at various pro and anti-Qaddafi maps and have found both themes have their own narrative.  I did my best to find maps from Libyan and Arab sources on their various Facebook sites.  While not all these maps may necessarily be made by Libyans or other Arabs, they have been embraced by them.

Pro-Qaddafi maps depict Libya as a vitcim that only Qaddafi can protect.  If he is gone outside forces would ruin Libya.  The war is portrayed as a foreign plot.

Anti-Qaddafi maps show Libya itself fighting off or consuming Qaddafi.  The war and Qaddafi's fall is shown as the work of Libya and Libyans themselves.

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