Thursday, September 29, 2011

Extreme Weather Killing Less People

The libertarian but acknowledging human impact on climate Reason Foundation has published a detail report documingtin how extreme weather is killing less people since 1900.  Extreme Weather Events Are Killing Fewer People Than Ever Before states that deaths from extreme weather events are down 98%!

The decline is deaths is due to much more than warmer weather killing less than colder weather.  Death from droughts, which caused 60% of extreme weather deaths, is down 99.9% since the 1920s.  Meanwhile deaths from floods is down 98% and deaths from storms such as hurricanes and alike are down 55%.

Less deaths are happening due to extreme weather, according to the study
Interestingly though is the dramatic increase in events despite the drop in deaths.  The study states "the average number of extreme weather events recorded increased from 2.5 per year in the 1920s to 8.5 in the 1940s to 350 per year for the period 2000-2010."  The reason given for the contradiction is better communication and scientific reporting giving warning of events as well as economic development which gives better sheltering infrastructure.

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