Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cartografia i Mon: Pretty Maps in Catalan

Foreign language blogs are tricky.  Not everyone, in fact only a minority, can enjoy the analysis of what the blog has to offer.  However, there are some blogs out there like La Cartoteca and the now sadly no longer updated ¡Mapas, mapas! which have such good images and maps that I will still recommend to people who cannot read the language.  Now the Catalan-language (the language of eastern Spain) Cartografia i Mon or "Mapping the World" joins the list.

The blog is written by Geographic Travels reader Jordi Francesch.  While the posts are in Catalan (which is sadly unreadable as my Romance Language abilities are pretty much limited to Castilian aka Spanish) the maps are in high quality and come in a multitude of languages including Spanish, English, and others.  Plus they are very pretty to look at.  Much of the cartography speaks for itself.  Check out this blog today and enjoy!

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jordi francesch said...

Hello Catholicgauze. Thanks to your post, I understood one thing: that the ideas and thoughts are a universal right and that everyone should have access regardless of language, culture, religion or sex. Therefore, the language I speak, despite having been persecuted by the dictatorship of the past should not be an impediment to understanding. True?. This reflection is to tell you that I made small changes in my new post for people speaking English, so they can understand my country and my history. I added a final translation into English and other small changes. To enjoy it.