Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Australian Geographic Articles Now Browsable on a Map

There is something in me that biases myself towards Australia.  I do not what it is, maybe it is my personal construction of Australia being a giant American Midwest and West on its own contentent  Maybe not.  Either way I know I really like learning about Australia.

The magazine Australian Geographic would be on my must read list... if I could afford it.  Sadly international subscription rates are extremely expensive no matter where one lives and there is no cheap online or kindle edition.

However, a collection of their articles are available for online reading.  What is even neater in the geographical sense is that one can browse through the articles via a Google Maps mashup on Australian Geographic's Explore Australia page.  Now is a great time to read up on all the articles you probably missed like a dispute over a T-Rex like dinosaur in Australia and the last horseback surveyors in Australia.  Enjoy the readings and have a g'day!

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Dina said...

Thanks for the links. Good onya, mate. :)
I'm partial to Australia too, but then, my grandkids live there.