Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sharia Micronation Claims Boundaries in England

Hate Claiming Space.  Picture from the Daily Mail
The Daily Mail has an article on how radical Islamists in the London area are openly marking areas which they are claiming as a sharia microstate.  Fortunately in a positive sign of government and local Muslim cooperation, there is an effort to take down the signs marking the boundary the Islamists are claiming.  Hopefully the integration efforts of the United Kingdom, which seem to have the best results so far of combating extremism compared to the rest of Europe, can curb the growth of Sharia micronations.

In a time where radical terrorism by nativists and Islamists threatens everyone, the clash of civilizations being conducted by extremists puts all of Europe at risk.  Studying the where and why radicalization zones form is the first step in erasing these places of hate.

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