Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NASA: Expanding Earth Theory Disproved

Back before the theory of plate tectonics took hold an alternative believed by some respectable geographers was that the Earth expanded and contracted.  The theory has long been abandoned but a few holdouts still believed, which I blogged about in 2008 (no need to follow that link as I pasted the video below).

Still a crazy theory, now a false one as well

Today NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced the results of their study which shows Expanding Earth is false.  Using GPS, satellite orbits, satellite laser ranging, and radio astronomy, NASA is convinced there is no significant change in the Earth's width at all.  The only "change" measured equaled out to 0.004 inches (0.1 millimeters), which is well within the margin of error.  This change (or margin of error), equaling a width of a human hair, would only account for 4.1 miles (6.6 kilometers) of growth/contraction in the last 65 million years.

More than 4.1 miles is needed to change this to the Earth we know.  Image from Celestial Matters.


Devil's Advocate said...

This is outrageous, to come out like that and lie this way. The end does not justify the means, and treating people like this is intolerable.

The question of expansion, is not a question. The existance of plasma inside the earth, is a fact. The plasmas expansion is also a fact. The gaseous elements, within the magma is evidence of the liquified plasma seekings gaseous state. Nor is really, the fact that the continents fit on a smaller globe, either a question.

The intellect of people at NASA has lessened immensely these past 50 years which can be seen by such political statements, and NASA's seeming lack of capabilities. NASA is an example of an organisation, that started at the top, and gradually declines. Both intellectually, and when capability is conerned.

To argue that the plates move, bump and stump and create supercontinents every now and then in history just for convenience to answer why there is a correlation between different areas on the globe, is outrageous. The movement suggested defieis physics, and unless NASA has disproven all known physics, and reverted back to middle ages theology, such movements are an absurdity.

It is outrageous, that science is being put aside.

At 10cm a year, subduction. You are talking about 6,5 million kilometers of subducted material, which is the entire earths crust, several times around.

Given random, and the chatoci nature of nature. Such theories need far more proof, than expansion theory ... to be accepted, because it is literally impossible.

And we haven't even gone into the matter, of the lower layers of the earth, having greater density than the upper layers.

I don't care how much money, your mom and dad paid for your exams. You do not, have the right to those exams.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the earth is currently expanding seems boring compared to whether or not it could have actually expanded it the past.

bestofandy said...

Was this the same group that "proved" that Neutrinos move faster than light. The weak point was the GPS system. It is very easy to make an error using GPS systems so this "result" does not prove anything other than there are PT people out there making false statements trying to refute EE theory.

Anonymous said...

Earth is growing and the debate is far from over. Plate tectonic and subduction crowd have got their work cut out for them in the coming years. Let's see if they can argue beyond name calling

Richard Guy said...

There is no queston. Our Planet is Expanding. The ultimate proof is that seas are receding from shorelines all around he world. Soon more and more bridges and dams will fail because we ignore the micro expansion of rivers over which we build these structures. The Earth expansion has almost doubled over the last 4000Million years. It was once app.2000 miles in diameter and now is 7800 miles in diam. If we really want to put an end to the Earth Expansion Debate we have to realize that the seas once covered much more land than it does today. e.g. The city of Babylon was once on the Persian Gulf but is now 400 miles from the sea. The city of Ur was once a busy seaport on the Persian Gulf but today it is 250 miles from the sea. Baghdad was once on the Gulf but today is 350 miles from the sea. WHY???? The Entire North America was once covered by ocean? Where has the ocean gone? The Entire earth was once covered with ocean where has the ocean gone.? The simple answer is that the earth has expanded and the sea levels receded as it did. So we can tell that NASA is acting on an agenda because receding seas are the ultimate proof of earth expansion. Richard Guy
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