Monday, August 08, 2011

Maps of the August 2011 London Riots

London, England is currently suffering its third day of rioting.  What started as a protest against an incident where police officers killed a man quickly turned into a riot by those who feel disenfranchised and anarchists who in reality tend to be upper middle class and well taken care of by the welfare state.

The Telegraph has an live map displaying both current and past flash points.  London Riots Map maps tweets that mention the riots and a British post code.  Channel 4 has a timeline map.  BBC has an traditional map with video embeds and a timeline on the side.  There is a reputable Google Maps map called London Riots/UK Riots which is doing the best one can to verify information before mapped; this map is receiving some good news coverage. Finally, The Sun has a map labeling neighborhoods where riots have occurred.

Update:  The Guardian has a verified incidents map of all of England.

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