Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya War Maps: The Eighth Post - More Battle of Tripoli Maps

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Libya War Maps: The Seventh Post - The Invasion of Tripoli

The Twitter account of k_thos and k_thos' Twitpic account has proved to be a gold mine of maps produced by him.

The first map shows how the Libyan Republic's forces, the rebels, moved from the west into Tripoli.

The Road to Tripoli. Click to Enlarge
The second is primarily dedicated to showing the prisons of Tripoli but does a good job showing the neighborhoods, hospitals, and other hot spots for the Battle of Tripoli.

Tripoli Jails, Neighborhoods, Hospitals, and Other Flashpoints. Click to Enlarge.
The final map is k_thos' Google Maps of the battle.  It is full of information and being updated frequently.

View Map: The Battle for Tripoli, LIBYA in a larger map

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