Sunday, July 10, 2011

Example of Genetic Geography: Who are the Afro-Indians

Afro-Indians are Asian Indians who have significant African heritage.  Much cultural anthropological work has been done on the various groups such as the SheediSiddis,and the Cochin Jews.  However, only so much could be discovered through studies of the Afro-Indians in the present.  Geneticists have announced results of their study which show that the African element in India arrived in the most part after the British first came to India and that the Indian part of their heritage comes more from women than men.  Discovery Magazine blog has more.  Much of the genetic speak is way over my head but this shows how historical cultural geographers and geneticists can work together. (Hat Tip: TDAXP)

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Dan tdaxp said...

This is a realy cool post, and shows how quantitative geography is a useful 'tool' (along with others) in understanding our places in the world!