Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Map: The Communist Party of China Goes Geospatial

Geography According to the Communist Party of China
The Communist Party of China, the political masters of the People's Republic of China, have unveiled their very own online geospatial extravaganza known as the Red Map (NOTE: Link to Communist China Government Website).

The Red Map uses a Google Earth-type interface to display historical and political information concerning the Communist Party of China on a map.  According to the state-owned newspaper China Daily (NOTE: Link to Communist China Government Website), a large collection of animations, map tracks of the Long March, Chinese Civil War battle locations, cultural spots, bases for "patriotism education", and much more are marked on the map.

The one draw back is that one has to download a 3D plug-in to power the map in a browser.

The map focuses on the Communist Party's "triumphs" in China.  No locations on the map glorify the other political parties in the People's Republic like the Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang or the very poorly named Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League .

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