Monday, June 13, 2011

More College Educated Immigrants in America than Non-High School Educted Immigrants

According to the Brookings Institute, one in seven residents in America are immigrants and one in six people working in the United States are immigrants.  The new interesting trend with the amount of immigrants in America (which is nothing new) is that there are more immigrants with college degrees than those who never graduated high school.  The institute made a great map/chart combo which shows the temporal and spatial trends of immigrant settlement patterns and education.

The Brookings Institute provides an interactive version of this map
Spatially it is clear that the more educated immigrants are clustering along the eastern coast and eastern Great Lake states.  The interior south is more of a mixture of college and high school educated immigrants.  Meanwhile, many of the immigrants beyond the Mississippi River are uneducated.  This is primarily due to the ease of access many illegals have from immigrant lines leading out of Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Other interesting trends from the report.
  • San Francisco are and the Washington DC area are the leading locations for college educated immigrants to migrate to.  The presence of Silicon Valley and the presence of government and international institutions easily explain this.
  • The fastest growing urban hubs for immigrants have on average less educated immigrant populations than other places where immigrants are settling.  I assess that this is primarily due to the need of uneducated immigrants, much less likely to have needed abilities like speaking English, need to cluster in high concentrations in order to function within society.
  • Uneducated immigrants are "are much more likely to hail from Mexico, less likely to speak English proficiently, more likely to be male, and less likely to be naturalized U.S. citizens than high-skilled immigrants."  
  • Uneducated immigrants actually have higher rates of employment and lower rates of household poverty compared to American-born people but their earnings are lower.  This makes sense as there is no point of being an illegal alien, in most places, if you cannot earn a paycheck to live off of and send money home.

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Dan tdaxp said...

Interesting line Portland-Des Moines - St. Louis - New Orleans which seems to demarcate the area of predominately Mexican immigration from predominately transcoceanic immigration.

The 'Great West' is once again a frontier for millions...