Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June 2011: Qatari DSN Phone Center

Photo by Catholicgauze.

The Defense Switched Network (DSN) is the internal American Department of Defense (DOD) phone system.  It is primarily used for unclassified phone and fax communications between various military elements.  However, anyone deployed can use a DSN phone to call an American DSN number and have their call forwarded to any American number.  So it is possible for one in Afghanistan to use the DSN to call the Pentagon and then have the call forwarded to a loved one in Washington, DC.  These "morale calls" bring joy to  many American servicemen and women while serving overseas.

This photo was taken on As Saliyah Army Base outside of Doha, Qatar.  As Saliyah is basically a giant waiting place for those heading to or from Iraq and Afghanistan.  For many it is a sort of purgatory.  Either it is in their way and preventing them from starting their deployment duties or it is the last hurdle in the way of one coming home.

This monthly travel photo is dedicated to all those who are serving away from home.  May you get your own morale call.

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