Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GeoKid: One Family's Effort to Spread Geography

The Contolini family loves geography (and there love goes so far as to read this blog).  While all the family has gone on their own geographic adventures the eldest daughter of the Isabella recently scored a coup by getting to eleventh-place in the 2011 National Geographic Bee while only being in the seventh grade.  And this is on top of her dominating Colorado during the 2010 round and going to nationals that year as well.

The family is seeking to spread their love for geography by starting their own travelling geography lecture circuit known as GeoKid.  The program is designed to show elementary and middle school students that geography is important and combines both an adult and adolescent prospective on the matter.  While the program is still relatively new the already have testimonials online.

While I have never met the Contolini family I have been in communication with them and I can vouch for their eagerness to spread geographic literacy.  I wish them the best of luck with their Geokid program and any future geographical endeavors they undertake!

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