Monday, June 27, 2011

Geography versus Greg Mortenson

Readers by now are probably well familiar with my ill feelings towards the whole "Three Cups of Tea" gospel of Afghan reconstruction.  When it appeared, according to 60 minutes, Greg Mortenson was involved fraud I wrote the blog post entitled Three Cups of Tea and a Coffee Cake of Lies.

During the height of controversy Greg Mortenson admitted to lying about details of his first journey which led to his revelation that Pakistan needed schools but claimed he still stayed in the village of Korphe.  He gave a new updated story which he claimed was the truth.

However, according to Outside Magazine and a Pakistani-American tour guide with Google Earth, Mortenson is lying again.  Mortenson claimed to cross over the Biaho River on a bridge between Korofong and Askole.  The tour guide who is well familiar with the area used Google Earth imagery to point out that there is no bridge between those two villages.

Mortenson versus Geography.  Point: Geography.  From Outside Blog.
The original genesis to educate Afghanistan and Pakistan is admittedly a lie and the new story is seemingly proven false via evidence from Google Earth.  With so many allegations of fraud, Mortenson's stories not matching the truth, and what I wrote about the school efforts not related to Afghan interests, everyone should divorce themselves from this failed movement.

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