Monday, June 06, 2011

City Photo Blogs

When one thinks of blogs dedicated to exotic (to the reader's point of view) cities one probably thinks of the famous buildings, monuments, and views.  However, every city is a living city where the great touristy spots coincide with the residential neighborhoods, normal restaurants, and road construction found everywhere else.  To see pictures of the normal "real" city gives one a greater insight into the metropolis.  A pothole-filled road may be the result of  city politics over budgets, a restaurant's new menu may reflect changes in seasons and fishing patterns, and construction may represent new investment.

It is with that thought in mind that I recommend these blogs for the images and commentary.  No one post is a groundbreaking view into the blog's city but the blog as a whole is a window into the city's soul.

Below are a list of some of the most recently updated city photo blogs I have been following.  The Daily Photo Map displays updated city photo blogs.  If you want to make a recommendation on a live, not defunct city photo blog feel free to comment!


Sydney Daily Photo
Wellington Daily Photo

East Asia
Shoot Tokyo

Avignon in Photos
Moscow Daily Photo
Roma Everyday (Rome)
Visually Norway

Middle East & North Africa
Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo (Done by a long time Geographic Travels reader)


Dina said...

I have learned so much following you around the world on Geographic Travels. So now it is a great honor to have Jerusalem Hills DP mentioned in your esteemed and serious blog, and in the company of my favorite blog-friends too. Thank you!

Love how you describe city daily photo blogs as "a window into the city's soul." It is something to aim for.

I didn't know about the Daily Photo Map. Thanks.

Hoping your next trip will include some study or work or a pilgrimage in, dare I say?, the Holy City.

Catholicgauze said...

I've love your blog. I hope to come to the Holy City "soon" within a few years. It is a very real goal for me.

Dina said...

I'm very glad to hear that.
You will love the human geography of Jerusalem.

Petrea Burchard said...

Hello Catholicgauze,

Thank you! Dina alerted me to your list. It's an honor to be included. I, too, see friends here, as well as some I haven't visited before. How will I ever keep up?

The blogging world is misunderstood by some who think there's a lot of junk here. There may well be, but the real problem is there is way, way, way too much wonderful stuff to read it all.

Thank you so much for acknowledging Pasadena Daily Photo.

Sally said...

Wow, I'm so flattered to be followed - thankyou - I am going to explore your blog as soon as I have (several) free moments.

All the best from Sydney!

Sally said...

PS As a former Geography teacher - well - HEY !!!!! Love the subject matter!