Saturday, May 14, 2011

Washington Post's Interactive Civil War Map

I am a huge Civil War buff.  I remember standing in an extremely long to to see Gettysburg on January 1, 1993, I own a copy of Ken Burns' Civil War, and I have toured several battlefields.  So I am thrilled whenever I have the ability to combine both the American Civil War and geography.

The Washington Post has a neat interactive map of Civil War battles.  One can set the date of battles displayed. The results show what battles were fought there and casualties are given in a range of circle sizes.  Sadly, but reasonably understandable, most battles do not have any additional information.  However, the major battles are labeled and clicking the battle circle will give the user more information on the background of the engagement.  Finally, since the map is powered by Google Maps, one can zoom in and see things like the battles of 1862 around Richmond.

It was interesting to see how the early months the war was really only active in Virginia and overlooked Missouri.  I am sure this map will provide others with unrealized knowledge of the Civil War.  Enjoy!

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