Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Book: Portraying the Overland Other: Representations of Plains Indians along the Oregon Trail

I am going to make a brief, self-serving commercial announcement.  I have edited my thesis, put it into book form, and published it for the Amazon Kindle (and free Kindle applications).

It is titled Portraying the Overland Other: Representations of Plains Indians along the Oregon Trail.  From the description:

The Oregon Trail is an important part of American history. Since the closing of the West many people and organizations have been involved in memorializing the Oregon Trail along its route. While primarily a story of pioneers, the Oregon Trail is deeply interconnected with Plains Indians who were active in the trail's success and history from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. Sadly the memorialization of the Indian element of the Oregon Trail is poorly done. Many monuments ignore Indians completely or depict them as a stereotypical Sioux-like creature. Only a few memorials get the history right.
This book studies memorials along the Oregon Trail in the Great Plains section of the trail. It examines these monuments in a historical and geographical perspective.

The book covers the entire Great Plains section of the Oregon Trail: Independence, Missouri to Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

The e-book costs $2.99 but for one week I am making a special offer.  I will donate three dollars to any one of my supported charities of your choice on my About Me page (preferably, however, if you want me to donate to another charity contact me and we will see if it can be arranged) if you write a review on before June 1, 2011.  Please be honest on the review.  Money will still be donated to the charity even if you write "editing and subject matter were horrible!"

By the way, Peter Humboldt is a pen name.

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