Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya War Maps: First Batch

Libyan War Maps:  The Second Batch 
Libyan War Maps:   The Third Batch 
Libyan War Maps:  The Fourth Batch 
Libyan War Maps: The Fifth Batch - The Geography of Oil
Libyan War Maps:  The Sixth Post - The Coalition's Size
Libya War Maps: The Seventh Post - The Invasion of Tripoli
Libya War Maps: The Eighth Post - More Battle of Tripoli Maps

While I am working as a geographer in Afghanistan a new war in the Greater Middle East has erupted.  Coalition Forces comprised of American, British, Canadian, Danish, French, Qatari, and Spanish militaries are striking locations loyal to Colonel Gaddafi and his government, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic.  The military actions are in support of the rebel forces which are united under the National Transition Council and it's proclaimed government, the Libyan Republic aka Republic of Libya.  The Libyan Republic is viewed as the legitmate government of Libya by France, Portugal, and the Arab League.

Currently I can find three good war maps but I'll post more and link to them on this post as I get them.

The Daily Mail has this one covering Operation Odyssey Dawn.

The BBC has this one of who controls what cities.  Of note is that the rebels have been pushed out of central Libya and only hold the eastern edge of the country.  Click the map or the hyperlink to toggle various layers and see more information.

The BBC also has a map showing where aircraft are aircraft are launching from.

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