Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Afghan Snow: A Poem by Catholicgauze

As with much in Afghanistan, snow has both its positive and negatives which are felt equally at the same time.  I thought of this three-verse poem while I was freezing outside in the Afghan air.  It reflects my evolving thoughts on the snow going from "I hate it" to "It is kind of neat" to "Thank God for snow!"  My thoughts also grew, starting from single-minded, self-centered complaints to thinking about the overall picture.

Wetter of socks
Canceller of flights
Bringer of cold
Cursed snow!

Painter of mountains
Supplier of spring melt
Tool for imaginative play

Clogger of Taliban hill passes
Preventer of terrorist patrols
Ruin of militant's outdoor weapons caches
Blessed snow!

1 comment:

smeeko said...

I like it. I have the same mixed feelinsg about snow, although they usually do not involve the Taliban.

My kids and wife love it completely. :)