Thursday, January 27, 2011

Map of the Security Situation in Afghanistan by Provinces

Where is Catholicgauze?  In the Black!  Map by ANSO.
The most violent province, according to the Afghanistan NGO Safety Office, is Ghazni.  While the United States Marines and the best of Afghanistan's military are focusing on Kandahar and Helmand, Ghazni's battlespace owner is the Polish military which has very restrictive rules of engagement.  Poland has also been unwilling to do patrols off the one main highway thus de facto surrendering all outlying areas to the Taliban.  (Hat tip:  Long War Journal)

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Goethe Girl said...

Hey, CG: I have a friend working in that dangerous part of Afghanistan, an English guy named Chris who works as a civilian under (way under) General Petraeus. If you see him, tell him Elizabeth, Chris, Jennifer, and all the others from the Downtown Boathouse in Manhattan look forward to seeing him back here sometime this spring. He showed me lots of photos last time I saw him, right after New Year's. Take care of yourself!