Saturday, January 01, 2011

January 2011 Travel Photo: Pashtun Children on a Qalat Wall

This is one of the first photos I took in Afghanistan.  It is of Pashtun Afghan children looking down on me from the walls of their qalat (mud, walled-compound) which the majority of rural Pashtuns live in.  I got the feeling I was being watched not only by these children but by Afghanistan in general.

I am very busy most of the time; however, blogging has provided me with a nice mental outlet.  If you have any suggestions for a blog post you want do dealing with Afghanistan please comment.

Happy New Year!

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smeeko said...

It would be nice if you talked to people (make a large poll of man and women) and get a feeling for how they feel about Americans (westerners) being there. Do they feel we are helping? Do they want Americans to leave? What would they like Americans to do? How do they think Americans (and western countries in general) can really help them? How do we really deal with the insurgency, in their opinion, in order to obtain peace? Help provide more jobs and schooling, for example, so people can feed their families, instead of resorting to fighting? What does Afg. really need?
Stay safe.