Friday, October 01, 2010

Maps of Natural and Man Managed Water Stress Worldwide

The BBC has a fascinating article about water stress (i.e. water insecurity) around the world.  The article talks about possible solutions and risks for the next century.  Of note is that the standard "dam it" answer may not be a good solution.  Instead it appears better for both humans and the environment that a mix system of man-made reserves and naturally formed watersheds are used to secure water.

Of special interest me are the two maps below.  The first map shows what water stress would be if man-made infrastructure like dams, irrigation, pipes, and conservation methods are excluded.  The second map factors in these developments. 

From the BBC

The betterment of the United States, Australia, and most of Europe show just how wonderful modern water-related infrastructure is.  What is truly tragic; however, is how poor land and water use combined with shortsighted dam projects plus poor infrastructure have made Africa worse off.  South America, China, and India are mixed bags though things seem leaning slightly to betterment.  With increased investment in better infrastructure combined with aid and superior water management techniques there is a good chance for a brighter, healthier water future for Africa and the rest of the world.

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