Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magnasanti: The Pefect City According to Sim City

I am a fan of Sim City and think it can be a good introduction to city planning.  However, as good as a game it is, it is still a simulation made by people subject to mathematical code.  Case in point: someone has made the "perfect" Sim City, Magnasanti, where no one leaves, there is no pollution, no abandoned buildings, no roads as there are subways everywhere and everyone's work is in walking distance.

"The Perfect City"

Sounds perfect right?  It is perfect if one likes the styles of North Korean urban planning!  Police are everywhere, there is no one moving in or out of the city, and all this has held for a simulated 50,000 years!

The Consumerist has a good short article on the perfect Sim City while Viceland Games an interview with the city's creator.

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