Saturday, October 09, 2010

Liu Xiaobo Wins 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo, and many others, have a dream for China.  They wish to remove the Chinese Communist Party's dictatorship over mainland China and replace it with unified, federal, constitutional, representative democracy that respects human rights.  He co-wrote Charter 08 which seeks liberalization and implementation of the United Nations' Human Rights Charter in China.  Best of all, Liu supports his goal with non-violent tactics.  For his efforts Liu has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Communists have punished Liu for his ideas by imprisoning him in 2009.  The unjust rulers have protested his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize by forcing his wife to leave her home.

Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo.  May your efforts one day lead to an economically powerful, world power united China that respects the individual.

The English translation of Charter 08 is available from Human Rights in China.

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