Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Degree Confluence Project: Mapping the Intersection of Latitudes and Longitudes

Reader Smeeko has sent me the link to the Degree Confluence Project.  The project seeks to contain photos and stories from people who have visited the intersections of whole number latitudes and longitudes.  As of right now six thousand records (out of 32,400 that is not bad) in 183 countries with 90,288 photographs.  If one wants to virtually travel the world this is sure a good place to start.

Strangely this includes Egypt and Syria which ban GPS units.  Piece of advice if you want to participate: keep in mind many countries police do not take kindly to someone walking around with a GPS unit.  Play it safe out there.


The Lazy Geographer said...

Last I had heard Egypt had lifted its ban on GPSrs for cars, phones, and other devices that had "civilian" uses so long as their telecom agency approves the device.

Syria and North Korea are the only two countries with total bans on GPSrs.

smeeko said...

Thanks for pointing to my Blog, catholicgauze. I have a geo related site as well, for interested people:
Would love to know what people thingk of the idea.

Twelve Mile Circle said...

The Degree Confluence Project has been one of my favorite websites for a long time. I'm glad you featured it so others can enjoy it too.