Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexico at 200

200 years ago a priest declared Mexico independent with El Grito de Dolores.  Since then Mexico has been a liberal democracy, a pro-Catholic Hasburg Empire, an atheist revolutionary state which fought a war against the Catholic Church, a military dictatorship, an one-party state, and several variations in between.  But it has always been Mexico: a combination of Spanish and American Indian cultures.

I cannot even pretend to give a moment like this justice.  Check out Geo-Mexico for worthy blog posts.


sgenius said...

Thank you for remembering us Mexicans in our biggest celebration so far in the century! Festivities in Mexico City went far and beyond, but much of the population, is in no mood to celebrate, and more in the need of a real, deep change in the way the country is managed and socially structured. (Which happens more or less every 100 years - we also celebrate the centennial of the Mexican Revolution.)

Catholicgauze said...

No problem. While not as bad, the United States was also down at its 200 (1976). It got worse before it got better but non-violent elections-based reform has really improved the country. Work for the same in Mexico.