Friday, September 10, 2010

Map of Twitter Followers of World Leaders

Earlier this week I blogged about world leaders who have Twitter accounts.  The post has a life as it own as the excellent World Geography Blog (whose blogger, Ryan, is a frequent commenter therefore an all around cool guy) has a post which maps the popularity of world leader's Twitter feeds.

The amount of followers various world leaders have on Twitter.  Map made by World Geography Blog
Not surprisingly the English-language Twitter feeds are the most popular.  America's President Barack Obama and the United Kingdom's Prime Minister David Cameron have the most popular feeds.  The media savy Jordanian Queen Rania comes in at third.  These three top feeds are well above the rest with over a million followers.  Fourth place, with only 195,000, is the Spanish-language feed of Chile's President Sebastián Piñera.  I assume that the reason this feed is so popular is a combination of the wide spreed use of the internet in Spanish-speaking countries and Piñera's background in the media business.

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