Monday, September 13, 2010

Geography Blog Updates

There are exciting changes going on in the geography blogosphere, including this geography blog!  The About Me section has been updated though it is not complete.  I also have acquired additional addresses for the blog.  Now and now redirect to here!  The .com for "geographyblog"; however, goes to a spam site.

Elsewhere in the geography blogosphere several sites have been on fire as of late with high quality posts.
  • Geocurrents has been offering high-quality posts on Spain and other regions of the world.  Posts come in series so be sure to check out the archives.
  • World Geography Blog has also been offering high quality posts covering a wide diversity of topics.
  • Newgeography has been covering the geopolitics and economics of Australia (among other topics but their Australian posts are fascinating) better than any newspaper or blog out there.
  • "Geography Department" Twitter's feed has proven itself to be the best one stop source of academic geography jobs, geography papers, and academic geography news out there.
As always this blog is heavily influenced by readers.  Comments, e-mails, questions, and open forum discussion is always encouraged!

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