Monday, August 23, 2010

Map of UFO Sightings in Canada, Great Britain, and Argentina

The Map of UFO Sightings in the United States was such a popular post I decided to research and see what I could find for other countries.  Somewhat surprisingly geographic data for UFO sightings outside the United States is sparse.  What data does exist implies that UFO's sightings are less common elsewhere and sightings patterns vary by country.


I had extreme difficulty finding anything for Canada.  The best I could do was the massive database map mash-up on UFO Maps.  The KMZ file is too large to display on a traditional Google Maps but it can be downloaded for Google Earth.  The maps information is based information from the National UFO Reporting Center and UFO Evidence.

Maybe aliens dislike southerners and Canadians equally

UFOs are spread out the upper prairie provinces and into the mountains of British Columbia.  There are on-again, off-again sighting periods occurring in the Golden Horse Shoe area between Niagara Falls and Toronto.  A final spot of frequency is in Nova Scotia.  UFOs are extremely sparse elsewhere.  A general lack of sightings in the other Maritime Provinces in the east, Quebec, and along much of the Great Lakes coast/American border is surprising when one considers that ninety percent of Canada's population lives within one hundred miles of the border.  So there is a partial negative correlation between population and UFO sightings just like in the United States.

Great Britain

This map comes from Virgin Media and claims to be sightings since 1961.  Interestingly there is no citation for where the information comes from.

The English Midlands are the hotspot for UFO sightings on the island of Great Britain.  This area is densely populated with the largest city being Birmingham.  While the densely populated Midlands do break the "less population equals more UFO sightings" formula, the most densely part of Great Britain, Greater London, is not ranked in the top ten regions with UFO sightings.

Yeah West Yorkshire is the hot spot but only 34 sightings since 1961?

The big thing about the map is that it claims West Yorkshire, the UFO hot spot for all of Great Britain, has had 34 sightings since 1961.  Only?  That is less than one a year.  This could be seem to imply that "weird thing in the sky must be something paranormalish and therefore reported" line of thinking is more American than anything else.  Maybe British people are not distrubed by weird things flying or Americans' imaginations have the better of them.


The last map I was able to find was Argentina sightings from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  The map reports to show findings from 2005 to 2010.

By far most sightings are in and around the capital and largest city of Buenos Aires.  Most of the remaining sightings to the north and west of Buenos Aires.  The less populated south has only reported a few UFO sightings in the last five years.  Either aliens are Peronists or the power of cross-culturalization has had an effect as globalized Argentinians see and report UFOs while the gauchos and Mapuche Indians have yet to be influenced by the UFO-mindset.


Jason Schultze said...

I'd like to suggest that the reason you may have had difficulty finding anything regarding Canada is that the notion of UFO's is a whole lot sensationalized in Canada than in the United States. And as such, fewer sightings will get reported.

Additionally, there is about a tenth of the population in Canada as there is in the United States. Also, the vast majority of that population is concentrated closer to the southern border leaving the wilds of Canada mostly unobserved.

Catholicgauze said...

Very good points. Thank you.