Sunday, August 15, 2010

The GeoMentor Program: Geographers Reaching Out

Are you a teacher, educator, or parent-teacher who wishes there was a geographer patron for you?  Do you ever think that outside aide from a geographer could help you in creating a better lesson plan or project?  Then you need a GeoMentor!

National Geographic and ESRI have teamed up to create the GeoMentor Program.  The program's stated purpose is "to inspire educators and community members to work together to improve student learning. People who use geography in their work can help educators and youth see the world in new ways. The GeoMentor program is designed to inspire volunteers to work with a teacher or youth club leader to help kids see, use, and do more geography in and out of classrooms."

While most GeoMentors are located in the United States a fair amount are located in other countries around the world.  If one is serious about bringing better geographic and/or geospatial studies to students' attention then one may want a GeoMentor.

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