Monday, June 21, 2010

Visit Florida Beach Conditions Map

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is not only hurting wildlife, the environment, and the economy in general but also tourism. Florida's beaches are hurting as many tourist bath in the sun elsewhere away from the soon to be menacing oil.

Florida is fighting to assure potential tourists that the beaches are still usable. Visit Florida has a webpage that features a Google Maps mashup overlayed with options to view beach advisories, beaches Twitter feed on any oil threats, local webcams, and Florida Live TV videos.

The map tool will be real useful when more oil starts washing up on shore. It is such a shame it is buried within the Visit Florida website.

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mjthebohemian said...

I saw a commercial on television that promoted Florida tourism and felt it was unethical and greedy. while i do accredit the fact that they are displaying live data on affected areas, there should be a stronger promotion to see what can be done to help.