Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Very Catholicgauze Wedding Plus a Call for Guest Posts

This July Fourth weekend Catholicgauze and Catholicgauzette are getting married! We will be working on a post explaining various things about our wedding and reception from a cultural geography perspective.

We also hope to have a feature which will describe wedding customs from around the world. This is where you, the readers, come in. Catholicgauzette and I cannot possibly hope to cover the world's vast array of wedding cultures as we reach the final weeks before the wedding. We need readers to write about weddings in their country/culture/sub-culture. The post do not have to be long (even a paragraph or two would do). This is a great opportunity to get cross-blog readership if you are a blogger as well.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Poland and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I got married in Poland last year, and the difference between a typical American wedding and a classic Polish Catholic wedding can be summed up as follows: in Poland there is less speechifying ("I first met the bride while bowling with Rob..") and much more drinking and dancing, and the weddings last until dawn wheras in the US they tended to die down after about 2:00am, if that.

Also, there is a cute custom in some parts of Poland where the wedding party is stopped by local lads who form a blockade in the road, until the best man gets out of the car and "pays the toll" in the form of a bottle of vodka. Hilarity ensues.

Good luck and enjoy!


Catholicgauze said...

We have 1 (hopefully 2) takers so far. Thanks Catlin and IW! They will be published after my wedding.

Canada said...

Cultural Geography from Canada

The most common and noticeable observation in Canadian cultural geography is that Canada prides itself on being a cultural mosaic.

Diversity and expressions of traditions and cultures is welcomed
here in your neighbour to the north.

We see this most in times of celebrations such as holiday festivals or weddings.

Some Canadians bring together their
cultures of the families in terms of dress, ceremonial tradition and of course food. It is not uncommon to have 2 different wedding ceremonies reflecting different cultures.

In Canada, wedding photos happen
in scenic outdoor locations, even
sometimes in winter. This happens
whether the wedding has been at a Church of city ahll.

Some Canadians opt for the cottage wedding of going to some place a few gours outside of town and doing a more casual atmosphere
in dress and celebration.

So in the Canadian culture of weddings, cultural diversity rules.

Catholicgauze said...

Got another one, thanks Canada!

Goethe Girl said...

I have not been around for a while -- limiting my web use -- but it looks like I arrived at an important time. Congratulations/ best wishes on this important milestone in your life. I wish I could offer an exotic wedding for your site. Mine was low-key, though we are also celebrating our anniversary this month.

By the way, here is an interesting map:

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks Goethe girl. Also, I got another confirmation thanks to Eddie!