Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every Country, Culture, Media Environment, and National Foods

While searching for good sources on world cultures I found a gold mine of information. Several gold mines to be exact.

Encyclopedia of the Nations
has a broad survey of the countries of the world with subjects ranging from flora and fauna to religions, transportation, labor, and much more.

Countries and their Cultures
is a surprisingly detailed website that might as well be the CIA World Factbook of cultures. Just check out the page for Moldova! If Moldova is this detailed then the website creators must be very dedicated to their mission.

Press Reference
is like Countries and their Cultures but focuses on press, government-press relationships, and media access. From the website I learned that Togo's press has yet to divorce itself from the government but the people do have access to other French-language media.

Food in Every Country
not only has information about the food culture of countries but also recipes from each country! Make your own South African dish for the World Cup.

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