Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maps of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak Disaster

Update: Be sure to check out a Google Maps overlay which superimpose the oil slick on any part of the Earth for size comparison (Blogged about on June 1, 2010)

The Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil leak is easily one of the greatest ecological disasters in the United States' history. I have been avoiding writing about the disaster itself because I fear I am unable to give such an event the detailed reporting it deserves. The havoc that has been and will be wrecked upon the various ecosystems and human affairs along the Gulf of Mexico is so far incalculable.The disaster has spawned a legion of maps which can help one gain a better understanding of its magnitude. The Map Room links to the New York Times' day-by-day map of the oil slick and the threatened coastline. Meanwhile, the official website of the BP-American government unified response command, Deep Horizon Response, has a map page with daily updated maps from NOAA showing where the oil is and where it is forecasted to go.

The disaster is bad. I fear the next series of maps that I will write on will show the oil's damage on Louisiana and other gulf states' wetlands. Sadly, Louisianan governor Bobby Jindal states the state of affairs with Louisiana awaiting for aid from the federal government to protect the state's coastline.


DJWildBill said...

What no one has yet mentioned is the damage farther inland that will be caused by any tropical storm or hurricane striking the region in the next few months. BP has set up a disaster of Biblical proportion and some might add that they've unleashed the first of the Horsemen spoken of in Revelations.

What can the gulf states do to protect their coastlines when a hurricane pushes this oily salt water miles inland, coating buildings, cars, highways, and farmlands? Will they accept responsibility for and compensate the states for lost tourist revenue when their beach fronts are blackened by oil? Would Florida be compensated when their orange groves would no longer produce due to an oil spill coating the ground and would the fruit able to be produced then be even edible? What about the owners of homes and high rise condos lining the gulf when their beaches are ruined and the value plummets to nil?

Our politicians have failed us far worse than they yet realize and it was foreshadowed 2,000 years ago in a monumental Book. It is now time to look up "Gulf oil spill" in Bible Code and see what is there.

Catholicgauze said...

Gulf Oil Spill does show up in the Bible Code but then again so does Catholicgauze.