Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AP Human Geography Test Practice Resources

Last Friday, May 14, was the day some American high schoolers took the AP Human Geography test. Already though, I have received a request for information to prepare for next year's test. There are some resources out there that I was able to quickly dig up.

  • College Board has released previous tests' free answer questions along with sample multiple choice questions (PDF).
  • An AP Human Geography teacher was a wealth of information and games available on her website. Be sure to download Mrs. Bell's "Motherload" of notes that weighs in at forty-four pages!
  • Although I have never taken AP Human Geography I have heard good things about all the major study books sold at bookstores including Amazon. I also recommend books like Harm de Blij's Why Geography Matters and The Power of Place.
  • Read geography blogs like Geographic Travels and has great resources on many topics which the AP test and class cover.
  • Many geographers, both blogging and academic, would also be willing to answer questions you may have concerning human geography. Finally, do not forget asking an AP Human Geography teacher for help.

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