Wednesday, April 07, 2010

United Kingdom Parliamentary Election Voters' Guide and Map

There is less than one month to go before the elections for the House of Commons in the United Kingdom occur.  A now-centrist Conservative Party seeks to return to power after over a decade of "New" Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.  Meanwhile, the pro-market, socially liberal Liberal Democrats seek continue their advance towards making the United Kingdom have a national three-party system.  Finally, the Labour Party faces a public weary of the rise of the nanny state, two wars, and a sluggish economy.

The Daily Telegraph has excellent resources, both political and geopolitical, for the election.  Vote Match quizzes users over one's political beliefs and attempts to match the voter with a political party.  Trying it out, Vote Match recommended either the Conservative or United Kingdom Independence Party but only at a lukewarm level.  A neat thing about Vote Match is that it is customized for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (coming soon).  There is also the General Election Political Map which maps out representatives seats and gives 2005 election results.

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