Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Map of Abortion Providers versus Abortion Alternatives in the United States

Blue dots represent more abortion alternatives while green represent more abortion providers. Click image to Enlarge. Map by Floating Sheep

The geography blog Floating Sheep has created a map comparing the presence of abortion providers to abortion alternatives. The map shows that the vast majority of the country has more abortion alternatives to abortion providers. The a few urban centers along the Pacific Coast, Gulf of Mexico's coast, and the northern half of the Atlantic Coast. An odd outlier is western Iowa where there seems to an even mix of abortion providers and abortion alternatives.

The bloggers have good analysis at the end of their post "Overall, the blue coverage across the United States shows that, in a vast majority of the country, abortion alternatives are much easier to find than abortion providers. So while the "pro-life" camp ended up on the wrong side of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion, they have built a significant organizational infrastructure which can be leveraged to promote their cause, while "pro-choice" advocates remain concentrated primarily in the nation's more politically progressive urban centers."

Hat Tip: American Papist

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