Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Ready for the AAG

The Association of American Geographers is coming up this week. We here at Geographic Travels are working at fever pitch to make sure we have the best coverage of the event available. We are going to have conference reports, interviews, and meet-ups.

Blogging will resume Monday with a long over due book review and Tuesday will begin the AAG Week posts.

If you are going to be at the AAG convention in Washington, DC drop us a line because we would love to feature your report or poster or interview with you and your thoughts about the Geography Complex that is the AAG.


Bryan said...

Hi, I'm going to be at the AAG meeting helping staff the American Geographical Society's exhibit. You should stop by and pick up our brochure. Hope you have a good time!

Catholicgauze said...

Hi Bryan, I'll be sure to stop by!

Bry-Guy said...

We are in Exhibit Hall A, in the back and down the escalators from the registration area. Funnily AGS is is stuck with all the textbook publisher's booths. I will be there until Sunday staffing the exhibit with my coworker.