Monday, March 29, 2010

Women from More Economically Advanced Countries Prefer Beta Males

After crunching the data—including the women's facial preferences, their country of origin and that country's national health index—the Face Lab researchers proved something remarkable. They could predict how masculine a woman likes her men based on her nation's World Health Organization statistics for mortality rates, life expectancy and the impact of communicable disease. In countries where poor health is particularly a threat to survival, women leaned toward "manlier" men. That is, they preferred their males to have shorter, broader faces and stronger eyebrows, cheekbones and jaw lines. The researchers went on to publish the study in this month's issue of the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences.

So states the article Why Women Don't Want Macho Men in the Wall Street Journal. The article describes how researchers saw a correlation between economical wealth and women's preferences for either manly or feminine, metrosexual guys. Apparently as women gain in a growing economy they no longer value a "rough" man and instead desire "compassionate, caring" guys. This in part explains why Johnny Depp is now considered more sexy than Sean Connery.

The lack of manliness is having real world consequences. "Boys being boys" is no longer being tolerated as young boys are being punished in the educational system for actions that were considered the norm fifty years ago. Scientists like Dr. Helen Smith have proposed that society and the educational system's punishment of manliness is part of the reason women make sixty percent of college students, a much larger rate of male unemployment, and other social ills affecting men and the public in general.

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