Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Karen Jacobsen: The Voice of GPS

Karen Jacobsen is the most downloaded (thanks commenter!) voice for GPS units around the world. Both the Houston Chronicle and Sydney Morning Herald had features on her this past week.

Her voice, with a slight accent, is more pleasing to many ears rather than the harsh American voices. A friend once told me that he prefers Karen to others because she did not "judge" him like the American female voice At the time I was dumbstruck by such a statement but I can now understand his point-of-view. A GPS is like a driving partner who travels along on many of one's life adventures. Having a seemingly nice personality who a driving partner is a must. How many times have we wanted to physical harm family members on long car drives? We probably rarely wished ill will to Karen.

However, one's GPS unit may still wish harm on you, though

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Anonymous said...

Correction: It's the most DOWNLOADED of many available English language voices for just ONE GPS manufacturer. i.e. Nowhere near the most used overall. The percentage of GPS customers who select any of the Australian voices on their devices is extremely small. The majority prefer a local accent, which is why we offer so many voices to choose from.
Source: in-house GPS geekster.