Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Family Surname Map

Click to enlarge. Full version of the map (33 MBs) can be downloaded here.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today is the day were everyone pretends to be Irish. In the United States this is the one and only ethnic holiday that is universally celebrated. Those of Irish and even Scot-Irish heritage can take additional pride with the fact our ancestors once faced extreme discrimination only to have their culture finally accepted.

If the map is too small search for your surname on this guide.

Good luck finding your roots on the map!

Erin Go Bragh!


Dan tdaxp said...


Recently, Henry Louis Gates (the Harvard professor who had the famous run in with a cop) discovered that he is an O'Neill. [1]

It is interesting to think of how geography can complement the scientists in reconstructing lost family histories!


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