Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cryptozoological Map from SyFy's Destination Truth

One of the SyFy Channel's (the channel formerly known as SciFi) shows is Destination Truth. The show is a semi-serious investigation of cryptozoological animals around the world. The show is about as serious as much of the "History" Channel is today. However, there is still something to learn as monster myths in cyrptozoology reveal much about the local culture and there is always the small percentage that the cryptids are real.

Destination Truth's website has a map that links to cryptids they have examined and one can watch the related episode online. When one has time to kill they might as well have fun and watch an episode or two.

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Dan tdaxp said...


On The Paracast this week, British researchers were talking about the mysterious hell cat -- that is, an animal that sounds exactly like a mountain lion -- living in small populations in Britain.

While this is often considered a cryptid over there, both the guests and interviewers suggested another explanation: owners of large cats let them free to avoid new regulations that came online in the 1970s, and these are the remnants of those orphans.