Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Postal Rates Worldwide

The fact that almost everyone has the power to send a letter to anyone else wherever in the world is a testment to the spread of globalization. However, Catholicgauzette recently ran into a globalization problem whenwriting friends around the world. No one quite knew how much a letter to each other would cost. Others I know have run into similiar problems. So, after research into popular travel destinations and blog readership I have complied a list of various post office's price rates for international letters.

Australia Post
Barbados Postal Service
Canada Post
Cayman Island Postal Service
(People's Republic of) China's China Post
(Republic of) China's Chunghwa Post
France's Le Poste
Germany's Deutsche Post
Israel Post
Jamaca Post
New Zealand Post
Russia's Post
The United Kingdom's Royal Mail
The United States' USPS


Confini amministrativi - Riigipiirid - Political borders - 国境 - 边界 said...

As regards Italian Post, look at the pages http://www.poste.it/azienda/tariffario/ and
Best wishes!

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks Confini!