Saturday, February 06, 2010

British Royal Navy Interactive Deployments Map

The Royal Navy is perhaps the most storied navy in the world. It was the primary driver of the British Empire. His/Her Majesty's Ships sailed in all the world's major and most of the minor bodies of water do things like claiming Arabian coastlines as protectorates, opening up China's opium trade to the West, ending Brazil's slave trade with Africa, and exploring islands in the South Pacific. Among the main things the Royal Navy does today include supporting the international War on Terrorism, participating in anti-piracy efforts around Somalia, and paying port visits to the United Kingdom's dependencies and allies.

The Royal Navy's official website has an interactive map of all of its deployments. One can toggle different layers mapping ships, aircraft, Royal Marines, and shore establishments. A temporal element is added with the time bar tool which allows one to select the week, month, and year of the map's information. Finally, one can click on a deployment marker to read more about the base or deployed unit's mission.

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