Saturday, January 23, 2010

Search for Your Ideal American Geography Graduate School Program has a very useful tool for those interested in searching for the right geography program at the university level.  The tool is very customizable as one it gives the option to sort rankings by user-valued importance of variables like education quality, faculty, tuition, financial support, student demographics, program size, and undergraduate selectivity.  Each school has a multi-page, indepth profile that breaks down all data a student would be interested in (Check out Kansas State University's program for an example).

While the tool only ranks schools with a graduate program, its results are useful for undergraduates who are willing to travel for a geographic education.

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James said...

It seems that the Kansas State entry only uses data from 2000-2004, and as the program is a bit on the small size, calls into question the accuracy of the information presented. It is also worth noting that there have been quite a few changes in the department since 2004. So...caveat emptor, I guess.