Thursday, January 21, 2010

Odd Maps: The Milky Way Galaxy Subway and Massachusetts Senatorial Election Map

Two odd maps have made their way onto the Internet in the past twenty-four hours. The first one shows the Milky Way Galaxy in subway map form. Each "line" represents a galaxy arm while each stop is a star or nebula. The galaxy is in three-dimensions, the cartogram is not to scale, and it should not be used in any sort of navigation. The second map is the real, not first Boston Globe version, of the 2010 Massachusetts senatorial election results. What makes this map odd? A Republican won a very liberal state.


Trevor Huxham said...

I find it fascinating that, although a generalization, counties voted *for* the Republican candidate in the Senate election if the percentage they voted for Obama in 2008 was 65% or less. Counties who voted for our current President in the percentages ranging from 71-77 as a whole voted for the Democratic candidate.

Also, it might be interesting to compare the map above with the data from Kennedy's 2006 senate election, but it's too bad it's only in table form and not in a map.

Catholicgauze said...

Very interesting point Trevor. Looks like you found the spatial difference between union Democrats (Reagan Democrats) and liberal progressive Demographics.